Blue Neon


No, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

Blue Neon is a bizarre comic about the twisted life of Storm Phillips, a character sort of based upon myself; and his friends. However, this is nowhere near reality-based, and while it may occasionally have something in it based upon real-life events, it mainly has no connection to my everyday life. It features all the important elements of a comic strip; wierd situations, wacked out images, and almost surreal dialogue. (I guess...)
Most of the surrealist action takes place in the megapolis surrounding Miami, Florida.


Storm Phillips
Storm believes he has the most bizarre life in theoretical existence, and this may very well be true. He is 17 years old, and lives in an insane suburban household somewhere near Miami, Florida with his parents and two younger brothers. His parents are rarely seen outside of their home office. It is believed that they have an electric hot plate and camp toilet in there; and have been surviving off of the hurricane supplies in the closet. Storm works for an independent newspaper, "The Miami Journal", performing various tasks from investigative reporting to coffee percolation. He owns a massive, archaic car, which he enjoys driving to the absolute middle of nowhere to escape the messed up reality of his life.
Some time after I first created his character, I noticed that there was a particularly LAME national news anchor with a rather similar name, Stone Phillips. He bears no relation to this anchorperson ....  and I suspect Stone Phillips is really a Muppet with excessively large eyebrows and wrinkles. Storm's name was actually inspired by the song "From The Past Comes The Storm", by Sepultura.

Chloe Steven
Storm first met Chloe while they were sneaking out of an awful pep rally in his freshman year of high school. They are not sure if they're really boyfriend and girlfriend yet. When she isn't hanging out with Storm, she likes to drift off to the farthest reaches of the Internet. She works part-time in her dad's massive legal office, keeping the various computer systems happy. Chloe is a ham radio operator, likes to tinker with electronics, and has an expontentially growing population of guppies in an aquarium in her bedroom. (Does this sound unoriginally familiar?)

Julie Andrews
Some of you may recognize Julie from "Kendall!", my previous series of comics. I suppose this could be that alternate dimension she mysteriously arrived in... She is known for having a bizarre sense of humor, digital wizardry that would amaze Bill Gates (of course.... since all her stuff actually WORKS), and really cool hair.

Non-human characters:

Chloe built Pete from old copy machine parts in a back room at her dad's bustling legal firm. Pete is an artificially intelligent robot that thinks it's human. Pete has a hilarious habit of  tinkering with any electronic devices within range... including driverless mass transit vehicles and certain satellites.

Storm's Turkish Van cat. Isaac has long, light brown and white fur, and an occasional Cheshire Cat-like grin. Isaac thinks he's human, but still prefers to enjoy a few of the finer points of feline life. Isaac is frequently seen napping among Storm's collection of glass and porcelain insulators.

Sasha is Chloe's iguana. For some reason, her inner thoughts are always visible across the fourth wall.

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