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20000621 "Hello, technical support?... Please vaporize my siblings, thanks."
20000622 Storm's Arbitron log.
20000623 Office coffee
20000625 Free Elian WHERE?
20000627 The arrival of Pete
20000629 Behind the scenes at Virginia Key's emergency sewer line repairs.
20000630 Some TV news media bashing.
20000706 After an absence of about a week, I tried to do a "dark and stormy night" kind of thing. This is as far as I got.
20000709 Robbie Williams not Y2K compliant! Yay. (Oooh, the radios look really cool.)
20000715 I didn't get a summer vacation this year, so I just drew one. Here's the first part.
20000720 Storm questions his commercially barraged stream of thought...
20000726 NOAA =! Accuracy
20000731 Oh, ENOUGH, you two love-birds...
20000803 If only those silly humans knew..
20000815 Something happened right here which I don't care to discuss. Bleh. But, hey, I drew an awesome picture of myself, huh?
20000816 Some people have fame, fortune, high-paying jobs, shiny fast cars... I just have 7 years' worth of questionable assorted comics, and for that I am proud. Ooooh, there's a toilet in it!
20000817 To APRS, or not to APRS?  (The website suggested within is here.)
20000818 Who Depowered Chucky The Singing Cowpie?
20000819 Iguana Baby-Talk! (What's scary is I've actually done this myself. I guess that might be why I was in a class for the emotionally disturbed at the time...)
20000821 POWER SURGE!!! (Fairly pointless. I guess I can't draw a dragon, either. And it's got part of a toilet in it...)
20000901 Chopsticks. One of the best-looking comics I've ever done.
20000908 Excessive homework may be hazardous to your health.
20000912 ...and the effects are not all that well countered by caffiene...
20000913 Just the violent slaughter of a Pokemon... that's all.
20000914 Life is like a pinball game...
20000915 This comic is based on my experience with restoring an awesome old radio from the early 1950's. That was really the first thing to come out of the speaker...
20000925 Another warped real-life anecdote. My life has actually degraded to that level. Sigh...
20000927 A real-life Mullet sighting. See what this community service project has done to my mind?
20001001 eBay rant.
20001005 Lost for over two months, this comic was pulled from the brink of extinction to start a semi-important bit of story development.
20001006 Storm discovers his interesting new electrical powers. Ooooh, another toilet!
20001008 ZAP!!! (Interesting note: Metrorail trains are known for doing this to themselves too.)
20001012 Okay, who put this wierd naked robot here...?
20001016 Comic #1 of Bizaare Cameo Week. This one features Riff from Sluggy Freelance, Sporkman (ascending the escalator), E.P. and Hot Soup from Lethal Doses.
20001018 Dodge. Different. Also just happens to be a cameo appearance by my uncle's Dodge Spirit. Printer-friendly version here. Hang it in a Dodge dealership somewhere...muhahahaha...
20001019 Splud!!! Cameo apperances by George W. Bush, and myself. (So THAT'S why Tri-Rail keeps getting delayed...)
20001020 Rats, I hate being dragged across the fourth wall.
20001023 Potted Meat - Supplemental Insurance?
20001024 Potted Meat - Julie's dustballs are quite unimpressive.
20001025 Potted Meat - Starring: Potted Meat. (My first experiment with using the Gimp.)
20001026 Chloe and Storm return from Key West...
20001027 Why not to take a not-particularly-well-programmed robot to Radio Shack.
20001029 Well, it worked in Lethal Doses...
20001101 Don't ask. Just don't freaking ask.
20001107 Abuse of restaurant supplies! (Cameo appearance by Ondine from Snail Dust.)
20001111 1337 d4iVi|\|6 $ki11z?
20001115 Sure, tell me your toilet's never become demonically posessed and overflowed with blood before.
20001116 Riiight, big accident.
20001121 NextstationSheridanstreetSheridanstreetstationnextpleasestandclearofthedoors.
20001126 Yes, and make sure the crystal ball is set to a PL of 103.5 hz.
20001130 The infamous nympho conversation. (This actually happened to me IRL.)
20001202 Rage against the drain-snaking machine!
20001207 Royal Flush.
20001225 Why drive? Ride MetroWhale.
20001228 The year-long itch.
20010101 This isn't your uncle Ted's laser pointer.
20010105 Potted Meat - The Rent-A-Car Exit Ramp Of Doom.
last updated 1/05/2000.

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