Community Service Project

Purpose: To fulfill a graduation requirement which I most thoroughly dislike. :)

Duration: 90 hours.

Official Potted Meat product of the 2000 Olympics: Spam.
Date Location Time
9/16/2000 Miami Beach / ECOMB 2 hours
9/20/2000 Fort Lauderdale International Airport 3 1/2 hours
9/23/2000 Worldlink 2000 6 hours
9/26/2000 Fort Lauderdale International Airport 4 hours
10/3/2000 Fort Lauderdale International Airport 2 hours
10/7/2000 Worldlink 2000 5 hours
10/9/2000 Fort Lauderdale International Airport 4 1/4 hours
10/13/2000 Worldlink 2000 4 1/2 hours
10/23-10/24/2000 Worldlink 2000 14 1/2 hours
10-21-2000 Fort Lauderdale International Airport 3 2/3 hours
11-21-2000 Fort Lauderdale International Airport 3 1/4 hours

(Everything except for this table, of course, WILL be stripped off when I present this to my school counselor. :)

Some crunchy delicious numbers:
Total so far: 52 2/3 hours. Somewhere just beyond halfway done, with only two near-death experiences so far. Yay.
North Beach is a 32 mile trip, Nova Southeastern University is 37, and Fort Lauderdale International Airport is at 42 (by road, I think it's farther by train).
Travel time so far: 37 hours.... this includes the exceedingly boring wait for Tri-Rail to arrive. (There's NOTHING to do at those stations! Augh...)
Total travel distance so far: About 962 miles.
Ack.. according to Mapquest, it's only 870 miles from here to my girlfriend's hometown of Danville, Virginia. Hmm. If only Tri-Rail went a few hundred miles farther north.......
Total amount spent on train fare for Metrorail and Tri-Rail: $31.90.

Cost for a pair of pooper scoopers (beach cleanup): $30.
Number of times Metrorail has made awesome nighttime fireworks when the little power rail contact malfunctions: 3. (It even made NOISES tonight! Cool!!!)

For some odd reason, the song "Disposable Teens" by Marilyn Manson is stuck on replay in my head whenever I go to mess with this page.. Hmmm.. I wonder what the connection is.......

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