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(in no particular order)
Snail Dust - A neato comic about the life of a few teenage geeks and a two-foot snail spontaneously generated from computer-case lint.
Out Of Fika - This is the ongoing story of a teenage girl who travels the country with her rather inept driver, Dusty, and a really annoying little plastic cone-shaped robot...
Sluggy Freelance - This is the Grand Central of all online comics. Lots of nifty science fiction stuff. Hmm, Riff's lab reminds me a lot of my room...
Drain Wash - This is just hilarious. Drain Wash is the story of two guys in the business of plumbing, a rejected contestant from the television event "Who Wants To Marry A Plumber?", a magical grungy plunger, and too much other wierdness to mention here.
Triangle And Robert - Here's an interesting, often hilarious comic done in a minimalist art style.
Common Grounds - Two guys, a girl, and a coffee shop. Sounds like an NBC sitcom, but it's actually interesting and funny.
Cool Cat Studio - The ongoing saga behind a graphic design company with an eternally peeved kitty.
Big Ones - This is just pervertedly disgusting, and, yet, somehow enjoyable...
Joe Average - The story of a guy who has an incredible amount of trouble with the opposite sex.
Adventurers! - More fun than a bag with BAG written on it.
Beta by Strangefour - This comic simply rules.
Fish And Worm - A cute comic about life within a pond, warped by a sick mind. Heh... cool!

Other crap I just happened to link to for some odd reason: Mullets Galore - Exploring bravely the wide world of mulletude. (If you don't know what a mullet is, just go there and find out. It's a pop culture icon!) - This site was featured, vaguely, in one of my comics. After taking a bit of time to load, it shows the locations of all APRS stations in the South Florida area. A USA map version is also available. - The official spork fan site.
Spammism ... Spam bless you.
The Backstreet Boys suck. And you know it.
Optoelectronics - Makers of some damned cool radio gear, including a pager-sized frequency counter.
Purple ... that's about all you'll find there.
Web-linked IC-R75 - For the geeky and/or curious, an Web-controlled shortwave reciever linked to RealAudio. Play with it a while.
There ought to be a law against this.
Pepsoft - Home of ZipFree2000, a completely FREE, no-nags, advertisement-free, full-featured zip/unzip utility. Desert Dragon Pottery - oooooooooh.....nifty! Spam Haiku. ... See if you can find my contributions! A sign that we're all DOOMED! Voltnet - Home to the infamous Stress Tests, and Cooking With High Voltage! (I've gotta try those Jacobs Ladder ke-babs...) - George W. Bush humor. Satire about the inventor of the Texas-style execution....!!!!
The link to my somewhat unimpressive homepage.

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